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WHAT TO COLLECT #129. Yves Klein

Born: April 28, 1928 – Nice, France

Died: June 6, 1962 – Paris, France

Yves Klein was the most influential, prominent, and controversial French artist to emerge in the 1950s. He is remembered above all for his use of a single color, the rich shade of ultramarine that he made his own: International Klein Blue. But the success of his sadly short-lived career lay in attacking many of the ideas that underpinned the abstract painting that had been dominant in France since the end of the Second World War. For some critics he is a descendent of Marcel Duchamp, a prankster who lampooned settled understandings of painting and opened art up to new media. Others consider him as a descendant of earlier avant-garde artists such as Kazimir Malevich and Aleksander Rodchenko, who were also attracted to the monochrome. And even in the ways he used performance later on in his career, he is like many artists who rediscovered some of the tactics of earlier avant-gardes in the 1950s and ’60s. Klein might also be compared to his contemporary Joseph Beuys, for, like Beuys, he embraced aspects of Romanticism and mysticism – Klein was intrigued by Eastern religion and Rosicrucianism, and was even influenced by judo. Also like Beuys, many have condemned him as an obscurantist and a charlatan: yet the brevity, wit, and seductive beauty of much of his work continues to inspire.

Yves Klein, Anthropometry series Tate Shots interview with one of Klein’s models and performers

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Home Staging statistics

Each room in the home provides an opportunity to “wow” the buyer, so staging and every detail matter!

Please, take a time to read our Home Staging statistics for 2017 year.

New 2017 Home Staging Statistics

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WHAT TO COLLECT # 1 Photo Murals by Masha Melnik in Design

Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
reflectiomparis rooflogo
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design www.mashamelnik.comroofbathroomcroproofbathroomlogoroofmoermchairlogo
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design
Photo murals by Masha Melnik in Design

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TOP 50 Interior Design Brands for Contemporary Living

The fact is that everyone has the desire to make his residence more comfortable and cozy because that is the only place where most people have to spend their whole life. Besides hiring an interior designer to give our homes appealing looks, we need to choose the curtains, furniture, kitchen wear, and other accessories wisely. It is essential to set the furniture as per the wall-paints so that an appealing and charming look is obtained. While making your selection of furniture, I am sure you would love what is graceful, attractive and affordable.
There is a list ofROCHE BOBOIS.jpg my favorite contemporary and remarkable  furniture brands are present in the world with respect to their origin and exclusiveness. I believe it will help you to get a furnished and modern Hollywood house from your dreams.

The Roche Bobois Group is considered today as the world leader in high-end furniture design and distribution, in addition to its elite positioning as a pioneer creator.
As a true testimony to its dynamism, Roche Bobois launches every six months an exclusive new collection and proudly ranks among the most talented furniture brands with an upscale international reputation. also check my Boho Chic board

Well-known for fusing classicism with modernism, Christopher Guy’s style can be described as “contemporary with classical values.” A singular vision and uncompromising sense of style and pursuit of elegance have driven Christopher to continually redefine the aesthetics of the design.

BRABBU is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength, and power into an urban lifestyle. We design and produce a diverse range of furniture, case goods, upholstery, lighting, rugs, art, and accessBRABBU.jpgories that tell stories of nature and the world. All these stories are written by the materials, textures, scents, flavors, and colors that live inside nature and inside the urban life.

Innovation and imaginative design characterize this stylish range of tables, chairs, stools, etc. from Cattelan Italia. The quality of manufacture and elegance of style combine to bring a highly individual, distinctive and discriminating designer flair to your home.

EDRA is the synonyms of creativity which has established it as leader of change with amazing and astonishing designs and high-quality products following latest fashions and trends. It has considered as the reference point of the modern world and new designs, the intersection of modern technology and artistic traditions. EDRA catalog contains well crafted the unique and flawless range of furniture to cover every field of life from the environment to nature and comfortable bed to home along with executive offerings, added among the most expensive furniture brands in the world.

“A long ride, with a few obstacles and many challenges, from 1934 to the present. And the feeling that it is never enough… No, “knowledge” is not enough anymore, but we have a magnificent obsession for quality every day and in every detail.” – Molteni & C iconic style with unmistakable class.

Poliform is a leading Italian furniture brand which offers a wide range of products including wardrobe and library system along with decorative collections like sofas, armchairs, beds and occasional furniture. It has been making the masterpieces since forty years to furnish the houses with its esteemed products and creations to mesmerize the people coming to the home. The Italian luxury modern furniture brand provides high-quality furniture and kitchen setting with customs cabinetry closets making it one of most expensive furniture brands in the world.

Boca do Lobo combines the past with present through technology by making masterpieces which can evoke emotions through its exclusiveness and sensational collection. BOCA DO LOBO.jpgThe contemporary designs of Boca do Lobo is all about modern lifestyle and high-end living standards that gave luxurious experience to its users and captivate the attention of guests in quite well manner. Boca does Lobo is one of most expensive furniture brand in the world which presents a wide range of home and office décor with all of the accessories to make them more impressive and incredible.

Top designers, quality of manufacture and flexibility in product design, make Flou one of the world-leaders in bedroom systems. Most designs have the versatility to be adapted to a particular customer need. Give your bedroom a distinctive personal style .

Kartell is one of the symbols of Italian design around the world that has been founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli, the leading furniture company is currently owned and operated by Claudio Luti. Kartell has made collaboration with most prestigious international designers to make products more appealing and mesmerizing while its collections became unique pieces through color, transparency, and unique shapes. It has been added to the list of most expensive furniture brands in the world while its products are recognizable all around the globe because of durability and endless.

Since, 1989 Fendi Casa has manufactured the prestigious design objects that combine exclusivity and glamor, a passion for experimentation and creativity that ended up with unique and elegant furniture for which it has been added to the list of top most expensive furniture brand in the world. Fendi casa.jpgThe persistent quest of materials and excellence in craftsmanship make the collection of Fendi Casa more exceptional having excellence and innovative design. The collection contains a large variety of home furnishings, decorative lighting, and accessories while all of the creations are mostly handcrafted by Italian.
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Founded in 1972 by an innovative group of designers BD BARCELONA.jpgBD Barcelona has been offering highly distinctive, striking contemporary furniture designs for public and private living spaces for almost 40 years.

Since Aurelio Zanotta founded the company over 50 years ago, Zanotta has integrated research, innovation, and design to create a highly successful brand now sought after in over 60 nations of the world. Quality is Zanotta’s watchword: in materials, design, and production. Safe, comfortable, reliable, aesthetically satisfying and distinctive, Zanotta is one of the Italy’s most prestigious brands.

Minotti has been at the top of Italian furniture design and manufacture for over 60 years and has built up a client base all over the world. They offer a comprehensive range for every room: beds, sofas, armchairs, stools etc.


Founded in 1946, Cappellini has been a driving force of Italian modernism for most of its existence. Their sofas, chairs, and tables have appeared in the collections of MoMA in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and the Museum of Decorative Arts. Check my board on Pinterest

For nearly five decades, B&B Italia has dominated the contemporary furniture landscape and made major contributions to the history of Italian design. Dedicated to outfitting modern lives with sophisticated and timeless furnishings, B&B Italia collaborates with some of the world’s most renowned designers and architects, including Marcel Wanders, Naoto Fukasawa, and Nicole Aebischer.

The historic sofa, armchair, and accessories manufacturer have undergone a modern transformation under the direction of Patrizia Moroso, daughter of the company’s founder. Creative partnerships with designers like Ron Arad, Marc Newson, and Patricia Urquiola have pushed Moroso into exciting new design territories. Today, celebrities and Middle Eastern royalty alike, adore the brand’s edgy designs and fresh vision.

For 40 years Living Divani has been one of the Italy’s most dynamic and prestigious brands. Led since 1988 by architect/designer Piero Lissoni, simplicity and elegance of line with a keen eye for contemporary tastes have characterized the distinctive Living Divani house style. Building on their renowned reputation for high-quality upholstery, Living Divani now offers a full range of products to enhance all aspects of your living environment.


Based near Basel since 1950, Vitra sells iconic, design-led furniture to the world. Creative flair, quality in materials and manufacture, combine to create products to enhance our experience of the living environment in the home, office or public space. The Vitra philosophy is individual in focus: collections designed to form part of an organic collage of personal choice, not the imposed, packaged anonymity of a corporate or branded style. Vitra’s target is the discerning, discriminating, an independently-minded customer with a passion for quality.

Outdoors or indoors Ego Paris offers audacious, distinctive and exciting furniture from a new company set up in 2004 by the three brothers Sommereaux – Jean,
Yvan and Nicolas. The quality of materials and craftsmanship guarantee elegance and durability for Ego chairs, tables, beach/poolside recliners, etc. Quality wood, aluminum in a wide choice of finishes/colors empowers you to achieve the ultimate in personal style.


The American home-furnishing company Restoration Hardware was founded in 1979 in California which operated in the United States and Canada through 18 outlets in the States. One of the fastest growing and mostRH.jpg innovative luxury brands in the home furnishings Restoration Hardware operated a total of 59 galleries including specialized furniture for babies and children. RH is one of expensive furniture brand in the world which positioned as a lifestyle brand and design authority that offers dominant and innovative products.
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The circus was built under a dream. The dream is to allow children to dream their own dreams and to really give them space to be and live their fantasies and magical world. In a certain way, Circus is the ultimate proposition of being free, colorful, innocent, naïve and extremely “bubbly.” What Circus dreams to be is the pinnacle of fun, freedom, and life, introducing a new entire world and a new entire state of mind.

Gigi Brooks is a UK based luxury baby and children’s lifestyle brand dedicated to providing anyone with babies and children in their lives with an expertly curated collection of designer furniture, exquisite interiors, and unique gifts.
– See more at

Bambizi Kids traditional British craftsmanship and the best of modern kids furniture design, every piece in the range offers unrivaled quality, safety, and beauty.

Home Accessories 

Best known for high-end fashion, Missoni remains a family-owned company with an international empire built on their signature brightly colored zig-zag fabrics. Aside from sweaters and dresses, Missoni also sells bedding, poufs.

Carlo Alessi founded the company, and it’s still a family-run operation, currently owned by Carlo’s son Alberto. They focus on the designer tabletop with — for lack of a better description — lots of shiny metal stuff. Alessi has international showrooms and a huge retail network.


In 1892 Friedemir Poggenpohl set up a small furniture company and showroom. His aim ‘To improve the kitchen.’ And ever since, generations of Poggenpohl craftsmen and designers have done exactly that.
The PoggenPOGGENPOHL.jpgpohl kitchen is built to order. Our designers start with a blank sheet of paper – and the customer’s brief. The home, tastes, and way of life of each client are considered before our skilled designers begin to create a kitchen that is precisely designed for space and the people who will use it. Every cabinet, drawer, and worktop are built to the precise dimensions of the customer’s home at our factory in Herford, right down to the last millimeter of space. That’s why every Poggenpohl kitchen is as individual as our customers are.

The story of success of the enterprise Schüller started in the year of 1965 when the first kitchen buffet was developed. Starting 1971 the first built-in kitchens were planned and produced. Continuously expanded during the years that followed, the former carpenter’s shop has now developed into an innovative enterprise, employing approximately 1240 people, belonging to the Top 5 kitchen manufacturers, and exporting kitchens all over the world.

Porcelanosa does more than just make kitchen cabinets.  They also deal with bathrooms and tile.  But in the kitchen, Porcelanosa excels in the manufacture of sleek, smooth European-style cabinetry.  It also does manufacturer more traditional styles of cabinetry, as well.  Based in Spain, Porcelanosa runs a tight ship with over 400 showrooms across the globe–entirely company-owned.

If we take more detailed and careful look at ALNO, which is the German Design winner “Winner” 2016 in the category “Excellent Product Design – Kitchen” we will notice quite a remarkable innovations. Starting with the heat and scratch resistant, a natural material made from particles of oxides and silicide that is quite a something for sensible surfaces like the ones in the kitchen. Another noteworthy innovation is the opening of the cabinets – strongly resembling the lifting of sun blind – very practical for restrained spaces. Style and innovation – what better?

Bulthaup’s minimalist, purist yet sensual kitchen furniture is distinctive and full of character. Using high-quality materials their craftsmen pare function down to its essence, creating an integrated, balanced style. Direct from Italy to your own order, Contemporary Home offer prices that bring this uniquely satisfying range within reach.

The VIPP KITCHEN  is a design product that according to its creators is a result of 75 years long tradition of working with metal. Inspired by professional kitchens, they create this design more as a functional and cleverly placed instrument than as a decorative element of the interior. So in the end, the result is functionality, stylish outlook and high quality in one place.

Dada – Sleek and modern, Dada manufactures a range of designer kitchen cabinetry that reflects the latest contemporary trends from Europe. Bold and stylish, the streamlined designs will bring a sophisticated feel and a touch of cosmopolitan chic to your home.

THG PARIS, Known the world over for their specialized, unique bathroom faucets and accessories, THG never fails to express ultimate aesthetic beauty. Crystal appliqué faucet fixtures are this brand’s calling card, making every bathroom they are featured in more elegant as a result.tivalì.jpg

BOFFI is an international trendsetter in the world of bathroom design, and they’ve worked with greats like Joe Colombo. They maintain a New York showroom (designed by Piero Lissoni) in SoHo, as well as multiple European locations.

Bisazza Mosaico
One of the top luxury brands in the design sector and the industry’s leading producer of glass mosaic for interior and exterior decoration.

Azulejos tiles You can use in many dynamic configurations; on the floor, as a part of the cabinetry or wall pattern, but only if the color scheme and compositional layout need a bit of refreshment and vitality. We don’t recommend their use in combination with wooden decoration.

Lithos Design is the unrivaled Italian manufacturer of modular feature walls and flooring made of natural stone and marble for interior design. The Company was established in 2007 and is now acknowledged by the best international design firms for its design, innovation and quality standards, which epitomize the “Made in Italy” trademark, and especially as one of the leading companies who introduced the concept of industrial stone design.

A brand is like an enduring promise that needs to be fulfilled continuously. Miele adheres to this promise with the utmost commitment. For more than 115 years, Miele has stood for the highest product quality. Miele means durability, reliability, security, and peace of mind. As part of this philosophy, Miele avows itself to Germany as its center of production. Ninety percent of the total value creation is generated there. “Made in Germany” is a promise of quality and Miele strives to fulfill the high requirements of each customer and provide them with appliances of the highest quality and tested durability to make their lives more comfortable. From built-in coffee makers to the innovative steam oven, Meile continues to create must-have appliances.

Jenn-Air creates luxury appliances that are more than a facet of your kitchen – they make your house more of a home. Ranked #1 for the last four years in their creation of built-in refrigerators, Jenn-Air will never fail to impress guests in your home.

The dreaminess and beauty of Italian craftsmanship come to life with Officine Gullo. Each set is custom-created with the help of a team of design experts who create layouts and 3D renderings that can breathe life into your culinary visions. An Officine Gullo kitchen is the ultimate way to bring the epicurean experience of a Michelin Star restaurant home.


FLOS a family-owned company based in Italy, with stores throFLOS.jpgughout Europe and America. The mid-century Arco Lamp, designed by the Castiglioni brothers, remains their biggest seller, but they also collaborate with contemporary designers like Marcel Wanders and Antonio Citterio.

Moooi is an avant-garde Dutch design firm specializing in lighting, furniture, and textiles. Its designs, in collaboration with renowned designers including Marcel Wanders, Ross Lovegrove, and Jasper Morrison, are cutting edge, yet retain a playful character. Moooi is well known for its trendy and forward-thinking products featured in the company’s collections of lighting, furnishings, and accessories.

ARTEMIDE Italian lighting store was founded by Ernesto Gismondi in 1959, and now has locations throughout the world. They carry lamps by top Italian designers like Mario Botta, Enzo Mari, and Luigi Serafini, as well as non-Italian names like Philippe Starck and Norman Foster.

Meet DELIGHTFULL, a Portuguese lighting company that will spice up your rooms. DelightFULL’s world is about ambiance, history, moments that stay forever through lighting designs created by artisans with wisdom and passion for craftsmanship.

With their most recent and highly celebrated collection, Terzani has taken the next step in its evolutionary process – building from its position as an industry leader to create an incubator for the future of lighting where Terzani can focus on new ideas and continue to redefine the way luxury lighting is made.

Koncept lighting, international lighting design firm. Dynamic lighting designs to accentuate and complement any space. From conceptualization to reality, it all comes together at Koncept Lighting.

NEMO.jpgNEMO Lighting is one of the global leaders in lighting striving to constantly create innovative cutting edge design. The collection of the contemporary design includes models conceived by Carlo Forcolini, Jehs + Laub, Javier Mariscal, Karim Rashid, Ilaria Marelli, Foster+Partners, Hannes Wettstein and Roberto Paoli. Contemporary and simultaneously timeless, NEMO fixtures add a touch of luxury to modern spaces.

Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British design and manufacturing company of lighting and furniture. With a recognized commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, the Tom Dixon brand is inspired by the unique heritage, the individualistic innovation and the robust, no nonsense engineering of these small islands. In 2004 Proventus, the Swedish-based private investment company, teamed up with Tom Dixon to establish Design Research, a design and product development holding company. Tom Dixon launches new collections annually at the Milan international furniture fair and product is sold across 61 countries.

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Home Staging Turnberry Ocean Colony

Home Staging and Photography by Masha Melnik. Two bedrooms apartment in Miami, Florida, 2016

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Minimalist Interior Design 

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ” –  Leonardo da Vinci 

The minimalist interior design had a lot to explore for me several years ago. And today I want to share my basic ideas and principals of this kind of Elegant modern design.

The Minimalist Interior Design is sophisticated combining clean lines, up-to-the-minute designs and high-tech technology.These interiors are stylishly sleek and minimal with the slogan “less is more” is the main emphasis for decoration.

Minimal and uncluttered, these interiors are not for everyone, especially those who like to display lots of ornamentation and curves as opposed to those who prefer a more bare-minimal approach.

To get the best minimal look, for the walls choose a neutral base colour in white or light tones of either cream, grey, or taupe. For accent colours, choose hues in different shades and tones to your base colour.

Furnish interiors with coffee tables, lamp tables, occasional tables, cabinets, sideboards and dining tables in gloss or satin finishes with minimal decoration.

Choose sofas and chairs upholstered in natural textures in neutral tones. For a luxurious touch, add a chair or small sofa in a bold accent color.

Dress windows with stylish curtains in neutral tones in plain fabric or with a minimal pattern. For a sleek look use white muslin draped to the floor. If you prefer blinds, choose a neutral tone to match your base color or white.

Select flooring that is finished in neutral gloss tones. Go for large ceramic tiles, wooden flooring or plain neutral coloured carpets.

For the main lighting, choose downlights or cove lighting. Add soft ambient light by placing table lamps and standing lamps in the room for use as task lighting.

You can also use your own ideas. The key is function and minimal look you need to achieve. You need to focus on form, color, and texture and that will be all. Have fun with your design!

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Inspiration # 4. Bright Interiors

  Bright decoration ideas are always on trends. Last night I explored the Internet for the most colorful and inspiring design ideas. And now invite you to see and use it for the inspiration.

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New trend of 2016 it is a Tech-free space

Every day we are surrounded by screens and technologies that can make us feel stressed and too dependent on it . At the same time advancing technology provides the new opportunity for us to stay informed, connected, entertained, and engaged. Technology products become smaller, lighter, and more portable. And these are good changes!

For 2016, Home Decorators decided to find a perfect balance between technologies and family needs. They advise us to leave all technology behind and create a tech-free space.

Here are a few tips for you how to create a tech-free space:

  • bring mirrors into the room for reflections and shadows ;
  • lovely art and photographs. You will never stop watching it; You can find ideas on
  • fireplace and candles would be good as well for cozy atmosphere;
  • photo murals and wallpapers. Eco style or dynamic city looking great in different styles; You can find ideas on
  • bring books to your space and you will always have an interesting time!

And of course – love and joy for your great time with family!


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Trends of 2016

Color trends 2016 offer wide opportunities to use dark and light neutral colors, soft and pale color tones and rich paint colors or their combinations. Interior colors allow finding a winning combination of room decor colors for giving unique, stylish and beautiful home decorating.

Modern color trends mix classy black, white and gray color tones with romantic pink and mysterious light purple colors. Trends colors create fabulous blends of spring inspired yellow and green colors are modern interior colors that look gorgeous with contrasting black. Peaceful blue and green combinations, red wine colors, bronze, gold
d and comfortable brown colors can be mixed into interiors of 2016.
Trends colors of 2016
– Pastel pink for loved room looks aristocratic.
– Elegant gray and bright white decorating combined with metallic accents creating color schemes with a futuristic touch.
– Navy is a best seller right now, as are indigo and denim shades. It is glamorous, modern and sobccc67835b76162df672e27075411722.jpgphisticated.
– Rich red wine colors will help create impressive, comfortable, harmonious and fresh home decorating.
– Blue color tones, combined with green and orange shades will look harmonious, cozy and fresh.
And don’t forget about florals, including dark florals.
All this changes and trends in the interior design bring us closer to one more sophisticated, warmer and well-balanced place to inhabit where the colors are playful, easygoing and artistic.

Interior Design, Decorating & Lightning

Design Projects for this year filled with natural materials as coating cork and marble, wood, stone and raw concrete are also here with their timeless presence.

This exploration of what eco nature has to offer and its entwining in the house construct is a strong trend visible also in the wide usage of plant life and garden elements into interior decor. The good alternative as always would be photo murals with fresh and cozy prints.
The minimalistic and clever usage and arrangement of space are also extremely important for the today dynamic lifestyle. We are moving towards a minimalistic model, whose quiet aesthetic allows us to escape the rush of the city. Playing with optical illusion in environments such as kitchen and bathroom, using wallpapers or green walls, curtains – everything is allowed to gain space and add charm.

Harmonizing minimalistic architectural interiors, using reflected light for creating soft interior decorating and visual comfort. Using lighting ideas for creating functional zones. Creating artworks with contemporary lighting. This year lighting design adding geometric shapes to interior decorating and highlighting geometric decoration patterns. Soft lighting design without sharp contrasts of shades and illuminated spaces.
Another major change in the look of the house is the presence of functional decorative objects. Soon I guess there will be no room for useless items. It will become increasingly important to acquire objects that can be processed according to the time and space of the person’s life.

This season 2016 I recommend bringing old world ornaments, mid-century modernism with mixing materials and shiny details, rounded furniture, and Scandinavian flat weaves on the carpets. It will help you to create impressive, comfortable, sophisticated and trendy home decorating.

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Eco Design & you

So many people in modern life would prefer to use natural materials in their homes.

Organic design and interior decorating ideas celebrate the natural beauty of materials, furniture, and room decor accessories, supporting green design ideas and creating the look of almost untouched by a professional decorator home interior while creating balanced room decor and adding more style and elegance to modern Eco homes. Contemporary man-made materials can be used for creating organic design forms that add softness, create balance and bring nature-inspired themes into modern interior design and decor.


Organic design ideas include nature-inspired forms, natural stone, and rustic wood pieces, natural home decorating fabrics and organic furniture that look like creates by nature, not skilled human hands.

Natural and Eco-friendly materials and home furnishings instead of synthetic materials and plastic furniture and room decor accessories, soft interior design color schemes that feel peaceful create organic and modern home interiors that people around the world are turning to, rather than living in modern homes, made of synthetic materials.


Organic design ideas are a healthier choice for Interior Decorating and Home Staging with us. Natural and Eco-friendly materials, Eco-friendly products and modern home furnishings, furniture and room decorating accessories, that feel natural and pleasant make modern home interiors more attractive, relaxing and comfortable.

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Do you Think your house is boring?

Do you want to add a contrast to your daily routine? Make your home more non-traditional and unique? It is time to decorate it with an Avant-garde item. We tell you how!28dcae1d26ab5681337448fad61ba973

Every decor item that is unique, original or unusual is perfect for modern interior design in avant-garde style. This is a brave interior design style that celebrates creativity and experiments.
The avant-garde style is great for those who appreciate original designs and unique decor. This interior design style celebrates personal taste and innovative thinking. If you cherish freedom and independence, modern interior design in avant-garde style is ideal for you.

The best way to start decorating in avant-garde style it’s to bring Large items and basic geometric form, square, circle, triangles, are important.  These simple shapes can adorn walls, furniture and be present on wall paintings and decor items. Contemporary artworks, glass and metal sculptures, artistic compositions, wall paintings in cubism style,  bright tableware, glass vases in regular geometric shapes are gorgeous decor accessories that enhance modern interior design in avant-garde style.
The avant-garde style is a bold experiment in modern interior design and decorating, so let your imagination run wild and use it for creating very personal, original and unusual room decor.

86ba15154734bb5429bdd608f89d9c82XV - 0910GAPE15 - Richard Rogers 004d02d8a514ae2b7b94bd6971eae84acd583644d52b3560ca5acc88540a9d6ada2img_4433eff3102d7b967cfb22918a9d9671b34e


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How we charge and work with you

When the phone rings at the studio, “how much will it cost” and “what is the process” questions are among the first questions we may be asked.Steps_adassistance

We appreciate an educated client and we are happy to answer questions about our pricing, how we work, and what to expect. Interior designers and firms in the area work in a variety of ways. Here I will talk about how we work and charge for services.

  • Hourly Rate & Billing Cycles

We work on an hourly basis. Our billable rate is $15 – 45 an hour. When visiting a project over 30 minutes outside of Bay Area, $45 an hour is charged per hour for drive time. Last, fine-tuning or revising CAD work for more involved projects is billed at $85 an hour.
Hourly rates can seem daunting when a client doesn’t have a concept of how much time will be involved for their particular project. We understand that. After our initial consultation (second consultation at a place) to discuss the client’s wishes and scope, we are able to offer most clients an estimate of the billable time it will take to complete their project.
Our projects start with a deposit on file that is later applied to the final invoices. Deposits are determined by each project based on the total estimated scope.

We help people select and acquire art and design pieces— including paintings, photographs, sculptures, furniture and decor — for their home, business, or collection. It could be for the decorative purposes, for the gift or as good investments for future.

We help to focus our client’s interests and provides access to the best quality artworks within a given budget.

We are regularly updating information about trends to help our clients stay in touch with the market.

ART Assistance

Our Assistant provides research and support to the Clients with Contemporary Art and Design Valuables.

Major curatorial duties will include

Researching the Contemporary Collection (CC);
Exhibitions research;
Checklist development and compilation of published materials in conjunction with exhibitions, including cataloging and documenting of objects;
Work with conservators and registrars to assure proper storage, handling, restoration and preservation of objects in the collection;

Design Assistance

  • Initial Consultation & Design Agreement

We always offer a Free First assessment meeting if you are considering working with us, or if you want to learn more and see if my work and approach might be for you.

We charge a nominal initial second & next consultation rate of $100.00. image
During the meeting, we discuss the scope of work, offer ideas for the project, and determine the scope. For smaller projects, just the initial consultation may be all we need for our work together, as in the case of picking exterior and interior paint colors or general design direction. These are discussed more below. During this initial meeting, we will also discuss timelines, review ideas that appeal to you and take measurements and photographs of the space(s). In some cases, clients or projects may not be a good fit for our full-service design work, and in that case, our initial consultation will set you up for success with your project. In that case, we can refer you to interior design colleagues or trade professionals that are a better fit for your goals.

  • Average Design Costs

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.31.44 AM.pngIf we decide to move the project along together, we will draft a design agreement for you generally within 48 hours of our initial consultation. The design agreement discusses our scope together and our rates as discussed above. Once you return the design agreement with your 50% deposit we will get started on our design concept for your project, generally, we will be ready for our next appointment in a week or week and a half.
Our past work with clients allows us to offer average design costs for projects from inception to completion. These costs do not include materials, shipping or construction costs. Here are some estimated guidelines:

Bathroom Remodeling Design: from 1200$

Scope of work would include Olio board (max 2), space planning, tile specifications and surfaces, 1 final rendering, cabinetry specifications, mirrors and bath accessories (hooks, towel bars), radiant heating, decorating* lighting plan, and so on Time invested would also include collaborating with the contractor and trade professionals, visits with the client to design showrooms for selections, and site visits for walkthroughs.

Kitchen, Living room & Bedroom Remodeling Design: from $1500

The scope of work would include Olio board (max 2), space planning, 1 final rendering,  tile specifications, appliances, cabinetry specifications, flooring, counter and backsplash design, decorating* lighting plan. Time invested would also include collaborating with the contractor and trade professionals, visits with the client to design showrooms for selections and site visits for walkthroughs.

  • E DESIGN from 299$ per room. Always prepaid.dining hillsb
    Online Interior Design, commonly known as E-Design, was created with the concept that great design should be attainable by everyone. Great style shouldn’t have to come with a hefty dollar sign and creative should be able to expand their portfolios and creativity by working closely with a diverse range of individuals to help make spaces beautiful one at a time. Listing for an Interior Design Package for one room will include:

1. Mood Board with ONE revisionbestsellers_large.jpg
2. Selection of window treatments
3. Selection of lighting
4. Selection of wall decor including artwork & mirrors
5. Shopping list.

  • Home Staging, Pre-photoshoot Cleaning & 20 Professional photos from 750$ one full day

The scope of work would include every detail specified and selected, 1 Mood Board for each room, a floor plan, upholstered furniture and case goods (anything not upholstered), accessories, area rugs, custom window treatments and decorating lighting. Our work may also include incorporating existing pieces that are meaningful to the client. This project would take your room from so-so to completed. Once items are specified, approved and ordered, we will completely finish your space in a day while you are away.

  • Consultation, Furniture locations (including online) & Shopping at place from 50$ per hour
  • Professional Interior Photoshoot with 20 final images 5000 by 3000 mpg on the CD from 300$
*As a Professional Decorator I am not responsible for the layout of space, plumbing/electrical locations, consulting with a contractor or architect, or any work performed on site. These packages are a tool to help you achieve the look of your dreams and does not guarantee the work performed by your hired contractor or any other third party.

***All rights to the artwork or any material remain with the author and can be removed from the website on request at any time. Please, contact us by email