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Minimalist Interior Design 

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ” –  Leonardo da Vinci 

The minimalist interior design had a lot to explore for me several years ago. And today I want to share my basic ideas and principals of this kind of Elegant modern design.

The Minimalist Interior Design is sophisticated combining clean lines, up-to-the-minute designs and high-tech technology.These interiors are stylishly sleek and minimal with the slogan “less is more” is the main emphasis for decoration.

Minimal and uncluttered, these interiors are not for everyone, especially those who like to display lots of ornamentation and curves as opposed to those who prefer a more bare-minimal approach.

To get the best minimal look, for the walls choose a neutral base colour in white or light tones of either cream, grey, or taupe. For accent colours, choose hues in different shades and tones to your base colour.

Furnish interiors with coffee tables, lamp tables, occasional tables, cabinets, sideboards and dining tables in gloss or satin finishes with minimal decoration.

Choose sofas and chairs upholstered in natural textures in neutral tones. For a luxurious touch, add a chair or small sofa in a bold accent color.

Dress windows with stylish curtains in neutral tones in plain fabric or with a minimal pattern. For a sleek look use white muslin draped to the floor. If you prefer blinds, choose a neutral tone to match your base color or white.

Select flooring that is finished in neutral gloss tones. Go for large ceramic tiles, wooden flooring or plain neutral coloured carpets.

For the main lighting, choose downlights or cove lighting. Add soft ambient light by placing table lamps and standing lamps in the room for use as task lighting.

You can also use your own ideas. The key is function and minimal look you need to achieve. You need to focus on form, color, and texture and that will be all. Have fun with your design!

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New trend of 2016 it is a Tech-free space

Every day we are surrounded by screens and technologies that can make us feel stressed and too dependent on it . At the same time advancing technology provides the new opportunity for us to stay informed, connected, entertained, and engaged. Technology products become smaller, lighter, and more portable. And these are good changes!

For 2016, Home Decorators decided to find a perfect balance between technologies and family needs. They advise us to leave all technology behind and create a tech-free space.

Here are a few tips for you how to create a tech-free space:

  • bring mirrors into the room for reflections and shadows ;
  • lovely art and photographs. You will never stop watching it; You can find ideas on
  • fireplace and candles would be good as well for cozy atmosphere;
  • photo murals and wallpapers. Eco style or dynamic city looking great in different styles; You can find ideas on
  • bring books to your space and you will always have an interesting time!

And of course – love and joy for your great time with family!


***All rights to the artwork or any material remain with the author and can be removed from the website on request at any time. Please, contact us by email