‘Artists can strengthen the will and push people to act.
Artists do not think like policymakers or academic people.
Artists think from their heart – big, revolutionary and visionary ideas.
This is why artists are able to move people to action,
thus creates a significant cultural and political contributions.”


From Miami to Seoul, and from Zurich to Moscow, discover contemporary artworks from the world’s best-emerging Artists and be published on Art Curator Online.

Our curators have selected works by artists who have already received notable acclaim in the art world so early on in their careers. Be it in the form of a prize, a major group exhibition or serious critical recognition, these artists are definitely ones to watch (and invest in!).

Our diverse collection is exploring the best new talents and Artists on the rise. These Artists are defining exciting new styles and shaping the landscape of contemporary art.

In this collection, you will discover works by talented emerging artists from around the globe.

Submissions can be accepted by email:



  • A single post on Instagram including Artist statement – by request
  • Two images posted on Instagram, Website, and Facebook, including Artist statement  – by request
  • Three images posted on Instagram, Website, and Facebook, including Artist statement -by request
  • We provide for Artists SEO (search engine optimization) on Instagram. We are growing your online audience – by request
  • Another option also available – Your partisipation at the art show  during Art Basel week Miami, Hong Kong, Basel, also Art shows around the globe during the art year – by request

Your presentation will include:

Your name, Your website, Your artist statement text, Your image(s), Image Captions.
The deadline to submit your Contemporary artwork is in the first week of every month.


How to be published:

Name your email letter: Submission _Artistname

Please, upload to the letter images and Artist statment or Dropbox or Google Drive link with a minimum of 3-6 high-resolution images. If you select an option with one image, we will use one image. If you select an option with three images, we will use three images.

We accept:

New Contemporary Photography, Paintings, Mix media, Installations (produced after the 2010 year)
Multimedia art, Generative and Digital Art including Code art.
Recommended size: by W 1200 pixels in width 300 pixels resolution
Format: JPEG
Complete your submission with: A link to a website or an online portfolio, bio, and Artist statement. Everything has to be included in one letter. 

**This is an image-oriented content and so we ask you for a short text about 90 -110 words. We recommend providing your artist statement in the first person, for example, “My work talks about… I am inspired by…” and be more personal rather than mention resume elements. We believe that the reader finds a lot more interest to know more about how you think and what is your work manifest.


Not all work submitted is guaranteed publication.
Unfortunately, due to the number of submissions we receive, it’s just not possible to reply to everyone. Thank you for your kind understanding!


If your work is approved you will be notified about payment in a few days. The publication will be available for public only after your 100% payment. To avoid misunderstandings, please, use the same email for payment and submission. 

If you have any questions, please, contact us by email:

**When you submit your artwork you agreed:*

I want my art to be published in Art Curator Online • I understand that I am responsible for the quality of my images. • I understand that publication will be available online• I understand that no print copies are included in this fee. • I understand that my images or text may appear on the Art Curator Online website and other internet pages for the purpose of promoting the magazine. • I keep 100% ownership of my artwork and copyright of my images, but I allow Art Curator Online to edit and/or publish my images and text for the next issue • I understand that not all of my uploaded images will be published. I understand that one image will be published if I select one image. I understand that the two images will be published if I select two images. I understand that the three to five images will be published if I select that option.• I understand that the online content will contain a variety of other visual artists as selected by Art Curator Online • I understand that the participation fee is not refundable. • I confirm that I am the original artist of the artwork I have submitted as mine.

***All rights to published artworks remain with the artist and can be removed from the website on request at any time. Please, contact us by email:

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