WHAT TO COLLECT #136. Kyle Jeffers

Kyle Jeffers Captures Corners You Never Thought Could Be So Beautiful

Canadian photographer Kyle Jeffers sees everyday scenarios with a more creative eye. Garages, cars, iron fences, concrete materials, mixed with the blood orange or crystal blue sky, the construction of each of his image is always genius and always moving. He depicts the warmness of cold structures, or sometimes the coldness of warm colors.

Jeffers’ images give you the impression of a recent departure of a person, similar to the works of Elmgreen & Dragset. You can almost hear the lingering resonance that makes the photos silent, yet the construction and colors are extremely loud. The sense of distance and emptiness, combined with the bright colors and the right lines, Jeffers mix together (perhaps unconsciously) a complex feeling. His minimal yet structural vision has made him a frequent resident photographer for Minimalzine.

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More information about an Artist on https://www.kyle-jeffers.com/

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