“I feel incredibly free when I have an art idea.

Being an artist is almost like, a pursuit of this feeling of freedom. I love that feeling.

I live for that.” – Avery Singer

Avery Singer was born in 1987 in New York, where she continues to live and work. Painting almost exclusively in tones of black and white, Singer’s canvases teeter between abstraction and figuration.

Employing the 3D-modeling software, Google SketchUp, to create an under-drawing, Singer applies acrylic paint to the canvas via an airbrush, creating images that are both digital and analog. The artist’s conceptual considerations are bolstered by her deep sense of art history, to which the titles of her works occasionally make references. In her juxtaposition of unexpected props that appear part human and part cyborg, Singer finds her inimitable signature style.

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