For me, one of the most intriguing moments for the contemporary art, that this is a human way of speaking about our transformations. From the personal prospectives to the outside world we are studying identities in action through the different art technics.
I see art as a dominant element which contains a range of conceptual meanings and theoretical roles associated with it.LAY OUT 1 idea masha

If you think that your work has a strong manifestation and deserves the personal attention of the gallery, you shouldn’t wait with submission.

Check out galleries that you think may like your work. Start to explore art spaces near you.
Get to know the artists they are showing already. Check the art fairs the gallery featured. At the beginning of your ambitious career, you need to explore the galleries background before sending the application.

Once you’ve determined which gallery or galleries you are interested in, you should carefully prepare your presentation. Better, have all of these at your fingertips already, but if not, now is the time to start. I recommend using professional templates to make the statement or hire a professional consulting. It is a first, and probably, could be the last insight about your work for the art institution.
You have to explain, your passion for working with particular gallery or curator to present a unique piece. Be able to analyze if necessary that there are no analogs on the art market.

If a gallery has a submissions policy, be sure to abide by that. If not, they’ll toss your work in the trash. Don’t hesitate to contact a gallery and get their guidelines.

When you submit your work via email or postal mail, be sure that your letter is professional. Always put the name of the person you need to contact. Google it, ask someone, or contact the gallery itself- just find out!

Put together your bio, statement, portfolio, and any other relevant information they could check about you on social media. Be aware, the galleries and art show may ask different details of your background.

Also, if you send your information via email, be sure to use small image files. If you load down their inbox, they won’t be happy, or they may not even receive your information at all. It could bounce or end up in a spam filter. So keep it small- 4MB total is best.
Perhaps the last advice would be to prepare your masterpiece for the showing. I will not recommend sending a submission of the same work to the few galleries. The limits are one of the keys to the success.

Wishing you good luck!

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