Another Art show is over.


Five full days of art in San – Francisco, and what did I get from them?

Over 250 galleries from around the world were represented, showing an overwhelming array of art from the most talented, most imaginative contemporary artists in the world.

I love to learn from art; I like to learn from other artists. A good show for me means to have a conversation with my mind and to cast about answers for the masterpiece. I encourage myself to find a language to work and to encode the exact subject.

I don’t judge the art. This is an act of my knowledge and standards in art. The location where the piece was delivered to live, the artist’s interpretation of the concept, is all the act of imagination and self-satisfaction. What are the moral reasons to judge someone’s passion? How are we to evaluate someone’s creativity and their expression of it through art?

In the world of art we just explorers. The artists give us their permission to be engaged with their independent opinion, and in doing us, allow us to see their sensitive mind.

To attend the art exhibition, for many artists, means to feel insecure. In this highly competitive industry, they want to celebrate with us at a non-routine event. The worst part of this is that low-intelligence reviews will kill the artists’ future abilities to create.

The invitation to the art world has to be an art treatment for us. Therefore, it always satisfies the mind; the enjoyment has to be beyond everything.

Do not postpone your compliments to art. Find an artistic language with which to articulate. Open your mind to creative insights. Bring your favorite piece to work and make it your self-therapy. Do not judge the artists. Instead, find your style in art, and through connections with colors or materials, your soul will be aligned. The right words exist.

Good luck with your art observations,

Masha Melnik

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