5 tips for Artists How to make a statement about Abstract art a better understanding​

“The Abstract is not for lazy people.”627A1798

Five questions you can ask yourself to gain a better understanding of your abstract piece and so on to write about it:

– Does anything “jump out” at me? 

People often feel confused when they don’t see objects they can recognize. Let the meaning come out. If you have a particular manifest, please, share your own experience with people.

“Who are you?
Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies?
Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?
I have. I am fucking crazy.
But I am free.”
― Lana Del Rey

– What mood detected with your work? 

Let the art do the talking with people. Give your translation to the colors, shapes, and materials. Do they have common psychological characteristics or your own?

– Does it make you think about anything? Will it be thoughtful for the gallerist or adviser?

Abstract art is a blending of art and logic that forces humans to enter, feel or produce action. For example, I can say about someone art, – ” My thoughts go whirling and speeding into a world that is different and a little scary. I want to run away from my self and labeled reality.”

– How does it make feel your close relative?

Art has to be studied. It has to give a high emotional or educational response to viewers. Get around three to five “keywords” about your work from friends and family.

– What did the customer would say about the piece?

Please, remember that knowing the background of the Artist, why and when he or she created the work can help in understanding what the art means. Add your bio or navigation to the work period.

A few ”cliches” that add the Artist to the category of Abstract.

An abstract artist may attempt to mix representations of feelings, dreams, ideas, stories, or philosophies, their own or those of others, into their art.

An abstract artist may attempt (the impossible) to create without allowing feelings, dreams, ideas, etc. into their work—to be “automatic,” almost like a robot under the command of an army of neurons.

An abstract artist may have an agenda—they may want to move you to tears, to disgust, to prayer, or thought, or smiles, or action.

An abstract artist may attempt (the impossible) to be an entirely neutral vessel, as transparent as possible, for you to imagine your agenda into their work as you view it, hear it, witness it, or even participate in it.

Useful articles to read:


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