One day, the meditation, became an important part of my work.

It is a special one -two – three moment of the inner peace which is bringing me to the essence of things. When I go deeper in my journey, the physical nature of the surroundings is disappearing and transforming into an art. That minutes I use for new ideas in my work and social study of my ego. But sometimes I continue to move forward with anticipation where the electrical web is transferring me over the time to find a substance of emptiscan_design_blog_43ness. I see a vertical timeline and just follow the impulse. That is for a who I am in the hierarchy and where is my zero balance is.

So, I love to collect rares. In the age of five, I found that if I have a pocket, it means I have to put something into it. So, from that days I kept looking for something meaningful and valuable for my collections. I can say that I was looking for a connection between me and subject. In general, I am a collector of someone experience.

The idea of each collection of art to build the relationships with someone story and to try to achieve the balance through the physical process. Same as I feel during my meditation and where I never stop looking for something new.

Masha Melnik.