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red_contemporaryThe Chinese Calendar is magnificent in its festive Lunar start to the New Year of the Female (Yin) FIRE Rooster on January 28, 2017 and the important detail of the Solar start on February 3, 2017, which is the basis for the astrological start of the New Year of the Yin FIRE Rooster!


For a significant part of the globe, this annual NEW YEARS celebration is observed in places as remote as Tibet and cosmopolitan as Tokyo, for many Asian cultures have their own versions of what is largely associated with the Chinese culture but which includes many other Asian cultural variations too.  New Years Day is the absolutely the most important day of the year in many Asian cultures but increasingly, in the west as well since technology has leaned itself to the world without cultural and informational borders.

Top of the New Years “to do” list is deep cleaning the house, annual ceremonial home quo-vadis-yotr-2-scaled-downspace clearings & blessings, annual astrology timing analysis to plan timing, decisions & important occasions, painting the front door, paying off debts, buy new red & gold clothes, furniture or decor which are the traditional colors of happiness & prosperity, wearing new clothes on New Years day, presenting crisp new money in Red Envelopes to all the children in the household, and preparing sweet & savory dishes for a New Years feast  are just a sampling.
A Chinese Proverb says, ‘First Avoid the Negative… Then Enhance the Positive’.  2017 Rooster promises to be equally as hard working as 2016 but perhaps a more highly prosperous year for many If we mind our business or hold our beaks!

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Keep in mind, that the less auspicious Rooster traits will also be energetically present in 2017 and so avoid them at all costs paves the way for greater success for us all.

2017 FIRE Rooster will bring many lessons in focused motivation and multi-talents in the workplace, and for many people, their careers and relationships will hold many new opportunities as Roosters are very fertile and hard-working creatures. In 2017 humble, conservative, joyful, caring, and consistent hard work reaps the harvest as does holding back one’s criticisms, not judging others hastily, letting go of the impulse to control others and always needing to be on the right.  Equanimity and diplomacy rule supreme.

Rooster is colorful, likes to strut their stuff, be confident and dramatic and your most work related goals will be well served by avoiding petty disputes, flaunting authority, or getting your way using a domineering attitude.  The biggest wins this year will be for those that also remember to mind their manners, share others talents, control egos and tempers and work well with the team.  2017 is the year to be truly collaborative and no longer simply pay lip service to work together to achieve mutual goals.7ffe3c37003265-574b07f6bf33c

In love and relationships, too many fruitful loyalties and romance can be formed as long as there is also a heavy dose of practicality. Rooster is a fertile bird so many children are born in Rooster year, and Rooster is also a very communal bird, so partnerships and the group are also a dominant theme.  Festive Rooster year is a great year to celebrate the accomplishments of the group, and your circle of friends can certainly expand, but a family will always come first.  Rooster year energy will also encourage many happy events like children being born and weddings to attend or host.

Rooster’s strong powers of observation will certainly not turn a blind eye this year if we are found to be breaking the rules, creating a scandal or allowing matters to progress towards court, so instead proactively avoid illegal activities, and negotiate compromises that allow you to remain free to create the practical positivity you will need for a good 2017 harvest.

elegant-bathrooms-redone-on-bathroom-design-ideas-at-red-bathrooms-photospavillion_redStaying healthy in 2017 includes a heart healthy and moderate physical exercise regimen, eating seasonal organic whole foods, and developing our spiritual connections.  Meditation and contemplative practices work effectively to counter any inauspicious emotional states like aggression, greed or self-absorption this year and will help guide us from within to slow down, listen quietly, and mindfully choose positive courses of action.  Make 2017 your most mindful year yet!  Even a very basic journaling practice or a gratitude practice can transform aggressive, self-concerned thinking & behavior into skillful mindfulness, abundance, compassion for self and others and the flexibility we will need to achieve our goals.

Communicate clearly, be kind, keep your promises, be devoted to others as much as self, and spend more time illuminating the strengths and talents of others.
Happy 2017!

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