Top 10 High-End​ Artists

Being the most delightfully sculptural, expensive and technically sophisticated could be only the High-End furnitureElegant design found inside the house are reported to be on the top of the trends for many years further. It is almost as if we extend the design to its surroundings and wonder what else could be possible

Below are some futuristic furnishings that are a reality today. Enjoy my top 10 High-End Artists.

1. Ali Alavi is a Tehran-based Architect, Designer, and Photographer. He was born in 1978 and got his master’s degree in Architecture from Tehran Azad University in 2008. He 91899d34255023-5605f6f00fd4estarted his artistic career as a teenager in graphic designing and continued to become a photographer in a few years. He continued to work as an industrial designer when he was studying architecture, and after ten years of experience, due to his lifetime passion, he started the Ali Alavi Design Studio.

2. The visionary creativity of Zaha Hadid combined with the knowledge and expertise of zephyr_gallery06Cassina Contract. Working together on a new project the Zephyr sofa by Zaha Hadid Architects. The Zephyr sofa is crafted in lacquered fiberglass and represents a new concept in sofas. It inspired by rock formations eroded by the wind to produce a dynamic shape with entire sections carved from its solid base. The deeply sculpted backrests and the sinuous forms allow the sofas can arrange in any number of different ways. Find more designs by Zaha Hadid here.jp_01a

3. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, John Procario took his love for sculpture and brought it into the world of design. After studying sculpture for the majority of his life, he developed a particular kind of aesthetic that influences his work in furniture and lighting. His furniture and sculptural luminaries are made up of bent wood and done so in such a way that no two are the same.

4. Self-taught designer maker Joseph Walsh of Cork, Ireland, joseph-walsh-studio-enignum-v-chair-table-canopy-bed-1has an intimate relationship with his unique pieces of wood furniture. His deep understanding and appreciation of the material allow him to create wild and wondrous forms from wood, with unusual and Slytherin shapes not often found in classic home decor.

5. Philip Michael Wolfson was born 1958 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, studied at Cornell University, School of Architecture, Ithaca, New York and the Architectural Association, London, England. twistedxdesk02His designs are radical and greatly inspired by the early experiments of the Russian and Italian Modernist movements. He combines a unique approach to design, as informed by the dynamics of fracture and fragmentation, layering and manipulating his materials into fluid shapes and forms, where shadow and reflection are an integral part of the seduction of the work.

6. David Koo and Zheng Yawei have designed this “floating” Cloud. The bottom base cloud-1_cm24k_48generates a magnetic force that levitates the comfy upper portion. Sit, stretch or sprawl, and the floating cloud will support it all.

7. The team of UStogether ad-insanely-brilliant-furniture-that-will-give-you-future-envy-09created this cool futuristic bathroom. The design is very minimalistic but includes everything you need in a simple all in one design.

8. Inspired by a water drop, the Melting Point TV Stand 0201was designed by Erhan Afsaroglu. When the unit is attached to the wall, its design and the underlit LEDs give it the appearance that it’s floating in the air.

9. Austrian designer Christian Precht hold-the-line-modern-public-space-bench5came up with this creative bench design. The bench is connected by multiple 3D fibers, thus allowing the user the ability to change it into various seating arrangements.

10. Designed by Shaun Milburn it’s called the “Baby Cot Pod,” and it’s got handles and smoothness.
It has an organic shape. Podlike. Optional hood, two babycotpod3grab handles, and a retractable carry handle. On the bottom can be attached a removable perforated base, inside is a full padded lining, and all is supported by a folding plastic/wooden trestle frame.

To find more High – End Designs, please, visit my Pinterest library

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