Scandinavian design

scan_design_blog_35I decided to create my exclusive design report about a modern Scandinavian look. As a useful compliment for you, I’ve been added few classical, high-quality furniture brands.scan_design_blog_39

The Scandinavian or Nordic style emerged in the 1950s in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. It is a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.
Scandinavian interior design encompasses a wide variety of styles, it can be bright or subdued, minimalistic or eclectic, modernist or chic, natural or colorful. The Contemporary Scandinavian style as we know marked by a revolution to unify form and function with the goal of creating comfortable and accessible designs that anyone can appreciate. It is defined to relax and detox from our busy and fast paced lives.
Nordic design is primarily a synonym for formal simplicity, monochromatic and plain colors, and excellent quality. It is not without reason then that the furniture from the North Europe gained so much recognition around the world. Moreover, on the market of interior design, there are many brands that create furniture and accessories modeled after classic Nordic forms as LittalaMarimekko, Gubi, Ferm Living, HAY, Menu, Muuto, scan_design_blog_43Sagaform, By Lassen, Normann Copenhagen and many others.

This is a gorgeous minimalistic style for anyone who enjoys unified and consistent interior design whose creatives developed their signature look to reflect a fresh and contemporary interpretation of Nordic styling to capture the general atmosphere and personality in a general sense.

Also, you can find more Inspiration on my Pinterest.

XO, Masha


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