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My Ethnic feelings 

 If you love vivacious colors and have a penchant for the exotic, you’ll find an ethnic-style quite impressive and interesting. My favorite variation of ethnic style is African (which usually includes Moroccan and Egyptian). An ethnic style is very bright, dynamic, lively and original. It brings atmosphere and essences to your space.

You can easily identify this style by the drawings with an imitation of animal skins on fabrics, walls and even on the floor. They are present in the paintings, mosaics, and other decorative elements. And of course, African style can not do without black figurines in the form of women and men in their national costumes. Clay vases and plates help finish the atmosphere and bring more naturalness in the interior. Shamanic masks, sculptures made of wood, an ornament on carpets and textiles help you dip in African culture and feel it without leaving the room.

Ethnic style usually chooses people who love to travel and to visit new countries and territories, those who want to surround themselves with the spirit of wandering and adventure novels.

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