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Warmer metals in 2016

Warmer metals have been so hot the past few years and show no signs of slowing down. I love a good brass, gold, bronze and copper moment in Industrial space. It’s a very modern approach to design to not match up all your metallics throughout the house. That’s really the way people live. This pink like hue has a sophistication and softness that flatters every design scheme.

Particularly effective in the bathroom and kitchen space, rose gold, brass, copper and gold will continue to dominate in 2016 according to London-based interior designer Gemma Gordon-Duff of Gordon–Duff & Linton who suggests pairing them with raw, natural materials such as marble and wood. “Good quality materials like this are a great investment because they will never go out of style,” she advises.

Rose metals and gold being back again in 2016 trends as decorating details, hardware, and faucets.

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